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Another birthday: My '64 Impala's 48th

When I bought my '64 Impala back in 1999, as I looked the car over I opened the glovebox to find the original owner's manual in the worn, but original clear plastic dealer pouch. I also found something else: the build sheet:

64 Impala Build Sheet

I've since learned that it's very rare to find these. Remnants might be found tucked into seat springs, but mine was just folded up in the pouch for the owner's manual.

I have checked the serial number on the engine block, and my Impala is indeed numbers matching. Of course, this isn't really a big deal since it's not a Corvette, and I will never sell the car anyway. But it's still cool to know.

And because I have the build sheet, I know that my Impala was built on November 4, 1963 at GM's plant in South Gate, California. This was a Buick-Oldsmobile-Pointiac assembly plant that opened in 1936 (GM's first plant on the West Coast), and the 1964 model year was the first time Chevrolets were manufactured there.

I always try to drive my Impala on what I consider her birthday. Here she is in the parking lot at my office:

My 64 Impala

Over the past 48 years, my Impala has traveled 188,438 miles. Here's to many more!

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