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Installing new trunk weatherstripping

After the new paint on my own 1968 Impala convertible was completed, I installed all new rubber weatherstripping, including this trunk seal. The smooth foam extruded rubber is high quality, and is the correct shape to fit right in the groove around your trunk opening. It will keep water out of your trunk, and look great when you open it. It's the small details like this that will impress your friends when you show off your Chevy! Our Chevrolet trunk weatherstrip comes in an 18 foot length. It's more than long enough for any full-size Chevy.

Here's an installation tip: Before you cut it to length and glue it in (use 3M Weatherstrip adhesive), put it in the groove for a test fit. I suggest cutting it a just little bit long, so that the cut ends will squeeze together and make a complete seal. Otherwise you might end up with a small gap where the ends meet when you glue it in.

3 thoughts on “Installing new trunk weatherstripping”

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    Your blog is actually unique. Many thanks for that.

  • Jester Coe

    68 Chevy Convert is a classic. You're smart to replace the seals and weatherstripping. Looks so much better and keeps things dry and cozy inside too! And quieter! You know, I bet it's probably one of the least expensive and easier installs you've had restoring that 68! Post some pics!

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