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It's not just a car: Sons track down and buy back their Dad's beloved '65 Impala SS

If you haven't already seen this on Chevy's website or the commercial, it is an amazing, beautiful story of how 30 years after their Dad sold his beloved '65 Impala SS 396 4-speed to pay for their education, Herb Younger's sons tracked it down, bought it back and surprised their Dad:

Shorter version that's running on TV:

"It's not just a car. It's all the memories and the feelings. It brings all that back."

I understand this sentiment completely. Although the '64 Impala I own now isn't the same one I grew up with, it still brought everything back. I got back a big chunk of my past when I brought my Impala home. It's why she can put a big smile on my face whenever I get behind the wheel.

What about you? Is there a classic Chevy that got away? Or one you own that brought back all the good memories from a Chevy in your past?

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