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Now Available! 1953-54 Chevy 210 Gravel Shield Spears

1953-54 Chevy 210 gravel shield spears

Part #GS532S — 1953-54 Chevy 210 gravel shield spears

Bob’s Classic Chevy is making it easier to get those hard-to-find parts for your 1950s Chevrolet. For 1953-54 210 models, the bright stainless spears at the top of the rear fender gravel shields are now available for $99.88 a pair.

These pieces are unique to the 210 series. The 210 was in the middle of the Chevrolet product line, so it had more bright trim than the basic 150 series, but not as much as the top-of-the-line Bel Air, making model-specific trim pieces harder to replace.

Also available are rear gravel shields for $399.88 a pair and front fender shields for $79.99 a pair. All are manufactured to OEM specifications and polished to a bright shine. Order online or call 1-866-57-CHEVY (1-866-572-4389).

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