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What’s a core charge, and why do some parts have one?

1969 Impala bumpers

If you’re shopping for bumpers, a wiper motor or other part for your classic Chevrolet, you may find there’s a core required or a core charge on top of the purchase price. Why is that?

1975-76 Impala wiper motorThe reason is there are some parts  that simply aren’t being reproduced. We have new reproduction bumpers for most years and models, but there are some that are not being reproduced and may never be due to limited demand. So in those cases, we offer original equipment bumpers that have been rechromed and look showroom new. Likewise, OEM wiper motors and other parts can be rebuilt if reproductions are unavailable.

A core, then, is simply your original part, which you send to us in exchange for the one you’re buying. We then take your original part, rechrome, rebuild or recondition it, and send it on to the next customer.

The core charge is an advance deposit. The core charge is refundable as long as your original part can be reused. If it’s too badly damaged and can’t be repaired or reconditioned, then the core charge is not refunded.

Keep in mind, you’re dealing with cars and trucks that are anywhere from 40 to 60+ years old. When new parts can’t be had and good used parts are scarce, core charges are necessary to make reconditioned parts available for your 1958-76 Impala1964-72 Chevelle1949-57 Chevrolet or 1947-72 Chevy/GMC truck.

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